The Art of Teaching With Technology: Between Evidence and Intuition

As teachers, we must understand the ‘evidence-based’ data in education are not always synonymous with irrefutable evidence, particularly in social and human sciences. These are produced with a type of particular research methodology (quantitative research, experimental, clinical trial controlled, etc.), and data aggregated more often in academic journals that publish such research.


It isn’t so, for example, data from action research, collaborative research, and case studies, or even qualitative research where class observations and interviews were conducted. Teaching based on evidence derived from the medical field when doctors exchanged about risks and benefits of treatment specific. In this context, treatment may be preferred over another. It will be the same sometimes no treatment that will be the preferred option, especially when the risks outweigh the benefits. It’s Hargreaves (1997), who first suggested that education learns from the medical field: “Many doctors draw upon research about the effects of their practice to inform and improve their decisions;” most teachers do not, and this is a difference’. The idea for Hargreaves was to show the importance of paying attention to scientific studies in education, in a context where it is attached may be not important enough.

But even if the evidence have their place in education, it seems important to understand that teaching, is not like to practice medicine. In education, it is also necessary to develop different types of research, because the classroom is not governed by universal laws such as chemistry, physics or biology.

Considering the evidence as universal laws to be applied in education would involve significant risks, as well as to ignore, for example to reduce the search to a single vision. There must be a balance between evidence and data than Schön (1996) and several call knowledge of experience in education, or practical knowledge of teachers who are, also, a source valuable expertise for the improvement of the quality of education.

Thus, despite the challenges that are associated with, do not sweep to the back of the hand evidence. They must be used to provide tags and not laws to be applied without reflection (see Schon, 1996). They must “find their place alongside other forms of knowledge in professional reasoning” (Saussez and Lessard, 2009). The evidence can dock with other forms of research in education, especially in areas like digital, where little is known yet very.

Gps Watches for Kids

Learn How Smart GPS Watches for Kids Work and Choose Wisely

The smartwatches for children are immensely popular. The watches have many features that are both good for the development of a child as well as a lot of fun to pose. Through a GPS-tracker on the smartwatch for kids there is always contact between parent and child. Curious about this product? Take a look via the link below.

A smart watch for kids buy is absolutely a wise choice. There are many features that make the smartwatch an ideal product for your child and yourself as a parent. Watch below about what features it goes:

  • The most smartwatch for children are equipped with an alarm button that to 3 pre-entered phone numbers can call.
  • The GPS sensor makes sure that the destination is visible, and where your child is.
  • The watch is in SMS messages to receive.


gps_watch_for_kids igpsThese are general features that most smartwatches for kids. In addition, many smartwatch for children with a beautiful design and color combinations. The futuristic, popular, smartwatch is a great gift and guarantees the safety. As a parent, it gives a sense of calm because they are equipped with a GPS tracker.
The prices for smartwatches for kids are usually between $25,- and $300. Take a look at various online shops like Walmart or Amazon. Personally we are very appreciative of Amazon because they had a large assortment of smartwatch have at considerably low prices. We discuss below the most popular smartwatch for kids.

Fun and Safe: Smartwatches for children

Not only for adults, there are smart watches. Special for the young are becoming more sophisticated and are an ideal gift.

Cheap rattling Parts with pixelated Screens and fumbling operation? That was once – today’s children’s Smartwatches have long been amazingly Mature multifunction devices, which often come along in high-quality Design and sometimes even at the technical level of expensive brand-name devices for adults.

To buy a smart watch for the offspring, there are numerous reasons – certainly also some who speak against it, for example, the too early use of Internet and high-tech entertainment up to the possibility of Monitoring. For parents, however, who do not want to buy a real Smartphone for their seven-year-old child and are looking for a compromise for the transition Period, the view of the market offer as well as for worried moms and Papas, who want to keep their children in mind. From the great fun the Smartwatches offer, let’s not forget: Clever applications encourage creativity, fun games pass the time, and finally the child can shoot his own photos and rotate Videos. In addition, the usual functions of a watch such as Timer, alarm clock and stopwatch – and everything can be operated intuitively via a Touch Display.

Top-notch equipment almost as for adults

gps_watch_for_kids alcatelMost children’s Smartwatches are priced from 30 to 90 usd. Who spends more money, gets basically an all-round facilities as in the luxury watches for the Big – up to GPS and cellular module, WLAN interface and IP6x certification for more or less water-resistant. About inserting a SIM card the watch can be used almost like a Smartphone, the communication often goes in both directions.

Keyword security: Many watches transmit the location via GPS and mobile Modem so that parents can see the location of their child on their Smartphone. The Geofencing function allows the setting up of safety zones in which the child may be present – an Alarm is triggered automatically only when it is Exceeded. Some models even show the speed: Was the child taken in a car? In dangerous situations, the offspring can also send an emergency signal at the push of a button. These security features also fulfill special GPS trackers for children, which we have presented here – but without the many multimedia possibilities of a smart watch.

Examples of good children’s Smartwatches

One of the classics among the child – friendly Smartwatches without Internet or mobile radio connection is the spray-proof Kidizoom Watch 2 from Vtech (approx. $ 50). It has practically everything you need: motion sensor, microphone for audio recording, camera watch functions, eight games, and three motion-Challenges, step counter, calculator, calendar, photo effects and much more.

The German children’s Smartwatch “Carl Kids” is to determine the location of the child within a few meters. The watch is a development of S4 Handelsgruppe GmbH from Berlin and is sold under the label Cat Service. Their housing should be very stable and water – repellent, and their battery – quite practical-is inductively charged as with an electric toothbrush. Carl Kids also enables both-way communication, Geofencing, emergency Calls and automatic SOS when moving too fast. The price for so much technology and “Made in Germany”: about 180 usd.

For older children it is worth taking a look at the Alcatel OneTouch Go Watch, which looks spaceous (individual Designs) and also plays a lot, but without monitoring Functions. Paired with your Smartphone via Bluetooth, for example, informs you about messages and calls. Various Sensors allow, for example, the measurement of pulse and speed. The smartwatch costs about 60 usd.

While most Smartwatches run out of energy after one to a few days, the waterproof “Pebble Time” (a tip for young people, about 130 usd) lasts even longer – with the help of the innovative colored e-Ink display, which remains constantly on and only consumes electricity when the displayed content changes. The Pebble is also connected to the Smartphone, but does not organize the display of important information in different Apps, but via a timeline, which is intended to greatly simplify the operation.

If you want to read in more details about how these GPS watches work, which one is the right for your kid you need to follow a buying guide to find the best one. The most recent review about the best gps watch for children is what we wholeheartedly recommend you for further reading.

dokiWatch want to encourage children to exercise more

gps_watch_for_kids dokiwatchThe “dokiWatch” was created from a Crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter and is currently being delivered worldwide. The special are not only the rubberized case and the cheerful Design (expandable with clickable Buttons), but, above all, the possibility of Video calls- the child and his parents can see each other and talk to each other. In addition, the children are playfully motivated to move more by developing the “dokiPet” that is dormant in the smartwatch. So far, the watch only supports English and Chinese, but more languages are planned.

Also popular are the QQ Watch from Tencent (with GPS and mobile radio, child-friendly Design) and the Huawei Watch (via Bluetooth coupled to the Smartphone, various Disney Designs), but which can only be ordered by detours from China-both cost about 90 usd.


gps_watch_for_kids conclusionThe question of the extent to which the”Go out again” Motivation via digital helpers makes sense is left out here. Fun basically all kids Smartwatches. And, by the way, the time display do, of course, too.

Are there any Follow-Up Costs?

Almost every GPS watch for kids needs a SIM card because the device must receive and transmit data. Also a Phone with the parents is often possible to be able to make a quick emergency call. These costs are a concern, where with simple data rates in mobile radio provider, comply with.

In many cases, the submitted data continuously, but it is not a tens of Gigabyte. Prepaid cards seem to be appropriate here, where the remaining balance should be checked regularly. A data plan is sufficient, the Call itself takes place only in case of emergency. Your child can also choose only specified emergency numbers and long distance phone calls.

Almost always there is a Live Tracking via App for parents. It may happen that the provider charge a monthly service fee.

Is HereO Recommended?

gps_watch_for_kids HereOThe HereO has been specially developed for children from 3 years, so our Smallest. It works with Wi-Fi, SIM card and USB connection, so parents can always know the whereabouts of their children. The hereO Family-App. Currently it can be pre-ordered with a 3-month free trial period. Then they will cost you around five dollars a month, in order to improve the Service of the App. Link to the manufacturer
Why children with a GPS monitor?

The number of child abduction, or only the missing messages, unfortunately constantly. The magazine “Focus” reported that in early 2017, more than 11,000 children were registered in USA as a missing. This number is increasing, unfortunately, increasingly. Concerned parents will never know where your child was abducted, or whether it has to hurt when you play, maybe.

A smart GPS kids watch warns parents in several steps. First, when Leaving the self-defined security zone. That is, an Alarm will sound if the child leaves a certain Radius around the apartment/house. Alternatively, this is also achieved in connection with the App on the Smartphone of parents. Secondly, children can press a panic button that automatically calls stored emergency numbers.

Some of the children Smartwatches also react to Remove the watch from your wrist. And you should not reach your child, the GPS watch still serves as a concrete help to the police looking for him. There are both an Android app and iOS app for the HereO available for download.

GPS Smartwatch or GPS Tracker keychain?

If you play concerns how active children in General, and on the go, could lose a key FOB quickly. A GPS kids watch is fixed to the Arm. Some react with Sensors, if the Smartwatch is removed from the forearm, and the children watch on the phone right away all the stored emergency contacts. A GPS would be a Tracker recommended as a keychain but as a second hedge. Perhaps in areas with elevated risk of theft and violent crime.

Latest Technology Education Programs

This program attracts a large variety of instructors and also speakers, program developers and service technicians, education and learning managers as well as administrators, local area professional advisors, info resource supervisors as well as business owners. That is actually fit to those finding proceeding professional growth, as well as those aiming for an analysis level as well as scholarly profession.

Today’s trainees are actually always connected, regularly knowing, both on and off institution reasons. For college innovators using education and learning innovation to enhance student interaction and also retention, a strategic mixture of the ideal gadgets for knowing as well as teaching, along with a durable structure to support gadgets, protect and protect records, and also offer all accessibility to records, web content and also applications is vital. The ideal modern technology may assist pupils to build real-world, career-ready skill-sets. That could encourage instructors to manage classroom operations effectively and provide access to records and information to tailor learning for their pupils. Intel remedies for a relevant discovering knowledge can have a notable, sustainable effect on student effectiveness.

Some universities are going a step even further. Boston Ma Pioneers Academy in Lincolnshire has cultivated a modern 4D area. Outfitted along with floor-to-ceiling screens featuring projected video clip footage, in addition to border sound, lighting fixtures and also an involved floor area, space interacts pupils in a total physical expertise.

It is actually simple; no little one is the same. Every trainee learns at his/her very own rate. There are numerous manner ins which including modern technology into the class could assist students to find out at a fee that is comfortable to all of them, and also permits all of them to retain information. As an example, in-classroom courses or even tasks on laptop computers or even tablet computers make it possible for trainees to read through paths, procedure info and also complete work at their personal rate. This likewise helps liberate the instructor’s opportunity so they could give trainees which might need to have additional advice or even aid the attention they demand.

The knowing kids perform in university preps all of them for the future, and consequently, it is important to integrate modern technology into the classroom. For many years, technology has actually grown greatly and also are going to continue to do so. Those improvements should be identified along with educators’ course programs and also know methods of kids as well as classrooms. That is essential to take note that expensive classroom innovation options don’t regularly result in successful mentor and learning. Straightforward services may bring about the important mentor, which could have a very clear impact on understanding. Through learning to make use of innovation in the classroom at a young grow older, youngsters are actually cultivating the skills as well as know-how that is actually necessary for today’s planet.

Teaching is supplied through personal and group working; lectures and podcasts, student discussions and also seminar of reading and also writing undertaken in preparation for treatments, both online and also face-to-face; joint activities in online as well as direct circumstances. All modules are determined by created assignments.